Posted on: 26 11 2022.

Španović-Vuleta and Duplantis are the main stars of the athletics meeting in Belgrade.

The organization of two major athletic events in March 2022 will put Serbia and its capital on the international sports map.

The planetary aces of the “Queen of Sports”, record holders, Olympic gold medalists, in short, the crème de la crème of sports, which is the starting point and foundation for all other sports, will parade through the Arena. The World Indoor Athletics Championships (March 18-20, 2022) will introduce new champions, but also a lot of tears from those who are saddened by missed opportunities, as well as joy over achieved results and sporting dreams.

The “Belgrade Indoor Meeting”, which will take place just 11 days before the first World Cup competitions, will serve as a prequel to the planetary meeting, with the athletic venue in the Arena hosting world athletes. It will be an ideal opportunity for athletes, world championship participants, to experience the Arena, the track, and the atmosphere, to test their skillset, and to determine in what psycho-physical condition and with what expectations they will welcome the most significant indoor competition in the last four years.

The most recent World Indoor Championship was held in Birmingham in 2018, following a lengthy hiatus caused by the corona virus pandemic that paralyzed the entire world. The desire of athletes, who will arrive from all sides of the meridian with one common goal, certainly is to return home decorated with a medal, is thus stronger and more persistent than ever before, because many wanted to say farewell to active competitions precisely in 2020, which remained a lost opportunity for many sports and athletes. For many experienced aces of athletics, the World Indoor Championship in Belgrade will be the place where, with a medal, a record, a great result, a personal record, or tears, they will forever say goodbye to the career field that coloured their lives and will forever remain the biggest mark on their path.

Belgrade will be the only city in the world to witness some of those “queen of sports” aces in their best and possibly final public competitive edition twice in just two weeks.

Participation in the seventh consecutive athletics meeting in our capital, on March 7, 2022, has already been confirmed by the Swedish Olympic pole vault champion Armand Duplantis, as well as the best Serbian athlete, world long jump champion Ivana Španović Vuleta, who will defend her gold medal won four years ago in Great Britain.

After the 2020 athletics meeting in Belgrade, the sixth in a row, received bronze status on the list of the world series of meetings, it will shine with a golden glow this year under a new name and a new silver status. Tickets for the “Belgrade Indoor Meeting” on March 7, 2022 will go on sale soon. The “Queen of Sports” and the Belgrade Arena await us! A sports festival never before seen in our region awaits us.